Here you’ll find testimonials from my past and present StP clients (names have been kept confidential).

You can also view my live feedback for projects via Freelancer.com here.


The best editor ever, supportive, kind, patient, and super competent. He did incredible work. I strongly recommend him, and I am 120% satisfied.
–From KN (Editing of novel)

I engaged with David for proofreading and grammatical editing services for my Science fiction storybook “Time Crawlers, Stories from Parallel Universes”. David not only made these editing changes but went above and beyond and shared specific ideas on how can I make my story flow better. He delivered on time and within budget. I would love to take his services for my future books.
–From VSA (Critique and line-editing of fiction)

Kickass editorial work. 10/10. I will definitely work with him again.
—From M (Critical edit of poetry)

One of the most reliable and professional freelancers out there. Highly recommended! Thank you for the hard work, David!
—From N (Proofreading)

David is a fantastic Freelancer to work with. He is very talented and creative with his work. I have requested him on additional work due to the level of professionalism he provides. Highly recommended.” / “Absolutely fantastic work.”
—From NP (Critique and line-editing of a novel)

David is an incredibly detailed and efficient editor. Timely and professional. He offered great suggestions on my work – I included all of them! I will definitely use David’s services again. Highly recommend him!
—From KF (Editing of a non-fiction workbook)

David did an excellent job! Timely, efficient, and provided very thorough explanations throughout my manuscript. Went above and beyond what was expected. Pleasure to work with such a professional. I will definitely use David’s services again. I highly recommend him.
—From KF (Editing of a non-fiction workbook)

 “David did a great job of editing a book Ive written on a very specialist subject, his input certainly tidied up my not so great grammar and layout!
—From MR (Proofreading of technical manual)

This was my first time hiring an editor, and I was very nervous about finding the right one until I found David. He was kind, helpful, thorough, and wonderful to work with. He delivered amazing work ahead of schedule. This project was the first in a series, and I will absolutely be going back to David for the second two books.”
—From LRM (Proofreading of a novel)

“He always gives much more than expected! … Great as always, and very understanding and so generous. What a partner to work with!
—From MK (Proofreading and naturalisation of translated fiction and non-fiction)

“Great work. Very intelligent and adaptable. His professionalism and skills as a writer made this an easy win.
—From BR (Editing/rewriting of a screenplay)

It was a pleasure working with David on my projects, very professional, responsive and would highly recommend David to anyone.”
—From PR (Editing of a non-fiction book)

Great freelancer! Super easy to communicate with, David was very responsive and showed a sincere desire to help my project succeed. Highly recommend and will come back to him for repeat work.
—From MP (Writing)

Once again, David did a great job editing my work. He’s concise and thorough, improving the flow and overall structure of my work. I highly recommend him to any writer looking for a great editor.
—From FN (Editing of a novel x2)

“David is someone who works on the project like it is his own. It is not easy to find someone reliable as he is, good workers are seldom. I am glad I could find him and will work with him in the future.”
—From Dr. WS (Proofreading of business documents)

David was very flexible and communicated throughout the project, constantly updating me on the progress. He did a great job proofreading my thesis and I look forward to using him again when needed.
—From TM (Editing of dissertation / business report)

David was extremely quick and thorough. He gave clear explanations for why I needed to make some changes. I’m extremely satisfied with the editing. Fast, accurate and professional. Thank you.
—From MK (Editing of dissertation)

FANTASTIC WORK!! On budget, on time and perfect communication. Very detailed review of my blog posts. Already thinking about hiring him for my next big project. Thank you.
—From CV (Editing of blog posts)

He was extraordinarily helpful, friendly, and professional on correcting my English grammar. His editing was accurate and cogent, making my manuscript look much better. Thanks David!
—From TM (Editing of scientific manuscript)

David did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be more pleased. He has a terrific work ethic, excellent communication skills and is extremely capable in dealing with both positive and negative feedback.”
From FP (Video game story development and scripting)

“I was looking for someone to layout my new book.  And I sure found him in David Brookes. He had read my book from cover to cover, as he was also my book editor, so he had a sense and a feel for it. We discussed what sort of layout I was thinking of and we agreed on one that is most suitable.  In the end, he came out with a timeless look. I describe it as “ageless and sexy.” And he was fast! But the best thing of all was he formatted it so it could be uploaded on Kindle, Amazon via Createspace, and also Smashwords. Looks so beautiful in all formats.”
From WA (e-novel formatting; e-book upload to online platforms)

“I wrote a story and was keen to get it published. I went on Freelancer.com and found David Brookes. He edited my story respectfully. This meant he didn’t rearrange my story or meddled with the dialogue. He offered suggestions, critiqued scenes that were not clear and corrected the spelling and grammar mistakes. And he delivered the finished product on time. Very professional, I was extremely happy. Highly recommended! Will hire again!”
—From WA (Editing of three novels; blurbs)

“I was looking for someone to proofread my academic writing, so one of my close friends has recommended David for me and then I emailed him and I was surprised how fast he replied my email and he was so happy to help me with the proofreading. He delivered the work very fast and that’s what made me hire him again and again. He proofread my thesis recently and I have to admit that I am very satisfied with his work. He communicated professionally and you can tell from the first email that he is so passionate about his work. I will definitely keep hiring David if needed in future and I already recommended him to most of my friends. Great service and great communications. A very satisfied customer.”
—From HR (Critical writing; press releases; editing of thesis and essays)

“David Brookes delivered outstanding job for our on-line textbook for English students. We were delighted with the quick turnaround and finishing the job on time. I highly recommend him and we will work with him in the future.”
—From MR (Interactive educational text)

“The project that I requested David’s assistance was with the editing of my very first book. David is an absolute professional. Not only was the edit delivered ahead of time, David remained within budget too. The experience was interactive, with David constantly on call to offer professional and wise counsel. I received more than expected in service as well as the finished product. I will always make use of David’s services and recommend him with confidence. David is more a trusted friend than an editor to me. Thank you for going above the call of duty, I am truly grateful.
—From AV (Editing of non-fiction book)

“David was a pleasure to work with. He was very professional and experienced, and was a valuable part of my team. David not only wrote exemplary work for my fictional world, but shared his acumen and insight of the literary industry with passion and enthusiasm. His input was a game-changer for my project, and is a professional I would trust when hiring again.”
—From NF (Video game story and character development)

“I first came into contact through a project I’d posted on Freelancer.com. David’s proposal to complete a significant work of ghostwriting for me immediately stood out. From memory I received about 50 proposals to complete the work, and only two freelancers put in the time and effort to address the project’s specification properly. David was one of these. It was evident from his proposal he had really taken the time to understand the project spec. David also took the time to engage with me and clarify all aspects of the project before the job was even awarded. This is the main reason I chose to award David the job. David’s work standards during the life of the project were fantastic. All the work was of the highest standard, on-spec and delivered well ahead of schedule. I found him always very quick to reply and always kept me in the loop on where the project was up to. Given the difficult project and unusual project spec I’m very happy with the end result and will hire David again.”
—From SC (Writing of web content)

“David has done several projects for me and each and every one has been excellent, well thought out and delivered on time. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the project and his communication is excellent.”
From CC (Ghostwriting – mystery fiction x3+)

“David is an excellent wordsmith to work with for your editing and proofreading work. He delivers quality job on time, adds some interesting dimensions to your work often which a busy writer misses to catch. Definitely, I would be associated with David for my each work. I cannot afford to miss the excellent service received from such a gem of person.”
—From H (Editing of short fiction and poetry; submission letters; ghostwriting of script)

“True master of the English language and a fantastic editor.”
—T (Editing of essay)

I had a great experience with David. I feel he had professional insight to what my novel needed. He was thoughtful with his editing to make sure my novel was true to the intent of the story.”
—From MH (Editing of fantasy novel)

“David had helped by editing and proofreading my first ebook. He not only finished the work ahead of time, he took his time to understand the content and delivered an excellent blurb for the book. I am very happy with his job. Will definitely hire him again if needed.
—From Dr.H (Line editing and proofreading of non-fiction book; blurb)

An asset to Freelancer[.com]. It is very rare you find people who are creative, honest and reliable. He was able to provide high quality work in such a short time, I am definitely going to rehire him.” / “David is an excellent employee, a pleasure to work with and always delivers assignments well before deadline. He is an excellent example of how every Freelancer employee should be, looking forward to working with him again soon. Thank you.”  
—From J (Writing of poetry; critical commentary; short screenplay)

Working with David was a pleasure. All that we asked for was covered and he came up with some great additional ideas to make this an excellent script. Communication could not have been better and his work rate was superb. All was delivered well before the deadline. A real professional.”
—From SM (Writing of screenplay – TV pilot)

“David is amazing. He edited my fiction book faultlessly. He polished and enhanced it with great ideas and suggestions. His expertise was brilliant. He was a pleasure to work with. Use him everybody! David delivered my manuscript on time and in perfect shape. I recommend him thoroughly. It was great entrusting his knowledge and expertise to my precious novel. He did not fail me.”
From T (Line editing and proofreading of novel)

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. David edited three short stories of mine, which are now ebooks on Amazon and Smashwords – he did a fantastic job, thanx!


  2. David edited a friend’s university PhD thesis to perfection, providing most excellent service and extra help about to improve general grammar and writing skills. Went above and beyond. Will definitely hire again soon. Thanks! P.O.


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