New paperback releases!

I’m thrilled to announce that my novels ‘The Gun of Our Maker’ and ‘Cycles of Udaipur’ are now available as actual, physical, smell-the-pages paperback editions!

David Brookes author

Don’t have an e-reader? Now you don’t need one to experience the literary wonders you see before you. Already have the e-book versions? Get a hard copy too and then your friends will be impressed by the taste of your bookcase!

Order your paperback of ‘The Gun of Our Maker’ by clicking here.

Order your paperback of ‘Cycles of Udaipur’ by clicking here.

You can see my original e-book release posts here (‘GOOM‘) and here (‘COU‘).

As always, if you read either version of the novels then please leave a review so that other readers can see what you thought of them. Sales are massively affected by positive reviews and, since I have no marketing clout, I rely on reviews almost exclusively to keep these novels from slipping into oblivion.

Thanks to everyone who’s given me their support over the years!



Free short stories from David Brookes!

About a year ago I chose to give up writing genre fiction, which I’d been writing since I was 13, and focus on what I considered more ‘literary’ fiction. With the exception of the re-release of ‘Half Discovered Wings’, my first novel (2009) and a fantasy, which was more for nostalgia than anything else, my efforts have been towards more meaningful (and marketable) fiction:

I also discontinued sale of some of my other material that was available on Amazon and Smashworlds, namely the science fiction short story collection ‘The Gas Giant Sequence’ and the steampunk fantasy adventure stories in my ‘Professor Arnustace’ series. Although I’m super proud of these works, which were a lot of fun to write, and despite the fact that they sold far more than my other releases, they weren’t fitting with the direction I wanted to go in. I know, how arty of me.

It’s both pleasing and distressing that I’ve had such a response from readers about this. The second ‘Professor Arnustace’ story in particular had some of my best reviews, and I still get messages asking whether there will be a third. Although I don’t have plans for the gentleman detective, as a thank-you I’ve decided to make all my discontinued stories available here for free. Yay!

You will need to connect your e-reader to your computer to copy across the files to your device.

Happy reading!


The Gas Giant Sequence

Krill Split Omnibus cover

Part 1: Krill
Part 2: Split
Part 3: Tranquil Sea
Part 4: Tulpa

The Professor Arnustace Stories

Professor Arnustace

Story 1: An Account of a Curious Encounter
Story 2: Iced Tea for Professor Arnustace


‘Half Discovered Wings’ – now available

Further to my last post, the new and improved ‘Half Discovered Wings’, is now available to buy from the Amazon store (here) and Smashwords (here)!

For those of you who missed my first traditionally-published novel in 2009, now’s your chance to read the definitive edition for only 99p – or FREE for a short time only if you get it from Smashwords!

It’s really important that I hear from everyone who opens the book, so please leave a review and get in touch via the Contact page with your thoughts!

Thanks again to everyone for their support, and happy reading!


David Brookes - Half Discovered Wings

It’s neither money nor morality that sends Joseph Gabel on his continent-wide pursuit,
but the death of his love, destroyed by a creature who evades his capture.

Hired by a mysterious magus, one of many supernaturally-powered
individuals known as errants, the hunter travels towards the city of Shianti, built inside a huge crater – a remnant of the war which destroyed the world as we know it,
and unleashed a darkness too terrifying to imagine.

With the magus, a sick amnesiac, a mutant and an armour-imprisoned knight,
Gabel travels to rid the world of an all-powerful evil,
before it takes what’s left of the dead planet and tears it to pieces…

This definitive version of ‘Half Discovered Wings’, with a new introduction by the author, is available in e-format for the first time.

New ‘Half Discovered Wings’ preview

Hi folks,

Firstly, if you got a link to this post via e-mail and you’re not sure why you’re signed up for “The St. Paul’s Literary Service”, it’s because you followed David Brookes on his (my!) previous blog, “Mr Brookes Abroad”. Since this is my main site now, subscriptions have been transferred from the old site to here.

Onto the news!

I’ve spent the last several weeks revisiting my earliest novel, ‘Half Discovered Wings’, which was published in 2009. Since rights reverted to me I’ve been planning an e-book re-release, and wanted to get my fantasy quest story in top shape before I did so.

I was also extremely lucky to find an incredible artist, Vasco Duarte, to create a new original cover for the e-book. Vasco has been a pleasure to work with so far, and yesterday he sent me the first sketch of the proposed design. Here’s a sneak peek…

David Brookes - Half Discovered WingsI recommend you check out Vasco Duarte’s awesome art via his Facebook page or his Behance profile. The new cover promises to be very cool, and I can’t wait to share it!

I’m planning a 1st August release for ‘Half Discovered Wings’, so please check in for more details in the next couple of weeks!


On writing

pic_1I have been a writer for as long as I can remember.  For years I’ve maintained my writer’s website,, but recently allowed this to lapse.

As the site is no longer available, and as I’ve already been asked how people can find a record of my publications, I’m going to list them here with links.

As I probably won’t have access to social networking once I’m in China, I will update you on this blog with any future publications.



          — “Half Discovered Wings” (2009) Libros International



          Chipwrecked (2014) to be featured in “The Pantechnicon Book of Lies”, Pantechnicon Press

          The Colours Behind the World (2013) featured in “Morpheus Tales: The Best Weird Fiction Volume 3”

          Resolution 1838 (2010) featured in “Skulls and Crossbones”, Bedazzled Inc.



          The Transdimensionalist (August 2014) to be printed in Estronomicon

          Solution (January 2014) printed in Bewildering Storiesb

          Amelia Amongst Machines (August 2013) printed in Electric Spec

          Daylight (July 2013) printed in Creator and the Catalyst

          BigDog (March 2013) printed in Aoife’s Kiss

          — A Taste of Real Earth (November 2011) printed in AntipodeanSF

          A Quiet Moment (October 2011) featured in Paraxis

          Kashkei and the Firebird, at Peace (June 2011) printed in Mirror Dance

          — Untitled short (February 2011) printed in Scifaikuest

          — Shaking the Tree (August 2010) printed in Bewildering Stories

          Numbered (April 2010) printed in Whispering Spirits

          Homuncupus (April 2010) printed in Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction

          The Colours Behind the World (January 2010) printed in Morpheus Tales

          A Creature of Substance (December 2009) printed in Delivered

          — Touching the Foam (August 2009) printed in Bewildering Stories

          Sense (July 2009) published at

          — Albino Weed (June 2009) published at

          Providence (May 2009) printed in The Cynic

          Tulpa (March 2009) printed in Pantechnicon

          The Dry Air (December 2008) printed in Aphelion

          Bleach (August 2008) printed in Aphelion

          Tranquil Sea (June 2008) printed in Pantechnicon

          Split (March 2008) printed in Pantechnicon

          — Space Castaway (February 2008) printed in Aphelion

          Krill (June 2007) printed in Pantechnicon

          Crust (May 2007) printed in Brew City Magazine

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