The STP Literary Service provides proofreading, editing and ghostwriting services.

What level of editing do you provide?
The service can provide a proofread or a line-edit. A line-edit is a detailed review of spelling, punctuation and grammar. It also include comments on overall structure and presentation, as well as writing tips to help you improve your written English for your next project.

Unfortunately I cannot help with:

  • checking your sources or quotes
  • approving your content (i.e. have you come to the right conclusions based on your data?)
  • formatting for your particular university/journal – I can only check for consistency.

For these reasons, don’t include long quotes or your bibliography in the total word count when enquiring.

How much will it cost?
All editing and ghostwriting services run on a sliding scale, meaning that you get better value for money if you have a longer manuscript. Novels or theses are proportionately cheaper per 1,000 words than short stories or critiques, for example. Please get in touch via the Contact page for a quote based on your total word count.

Generally speaking, line-edits are cheaper than ghostwriting, and proofreading is cheaper than line-edits.

How long will the proofreading / editing / ghostwriting process take?
We will agree on a deadline prior to beginning the work process. If time is not an issue for editing, I will generally ask for 1 day per 3,000 words. This allows plenty of time to come to grips with your writing style, and examine your text closely to ensure that no errors slip through. For ghostwriting, I ask for one day per 1,000 words plus 2-3 days. At the time of enquiry, let me know your preferred deadline and I can tell you whether it’s realistically possible to achieve without quality being diminished.

How do you show your proofreading / editing changes?
Microsoft Word has a “Track Changes” function that shows all changes made to your document. It also allows for the editor to insert comments justifying the changes, make suggestions about other ways to improve the text, or include links to other resources.

File exchanging will be done via e-mail, and depending on the length of your text, I will send you regular ‘pieces’ of your edited document as I go so that you have an early chance to ask questions or make comments. For texts of 10,000 words or less, there may be no need for installments. A novel of 120,000 words might have edited installments of 20,000 words each, based on a pre-agreed payment plan.

Can you provide a sample of your proofreading or editing service?
I can provide a free line-edit of the first page of your text, which will be roughly 250 words. It may not be an all-encompassing example of the service I can provide, but it will give you an idea. If you’re still uncertain, check out the excellent testimonials I’ve received for my services.

Can you check my essay etc. for plagiarism?
No. I’m happy to proofread or edit any text, but I can’t include a plagiarism check or correction.

The best way to be sure your text is plagiarism-free is to not copy/paste other people’s work.

I do not accept jobs for “rewrites”.

What sort of things can you ghostwrite for me?
Although I rarely accept ghostwriting work at the moment, please feel free to enquire. Take a look at the Ghostwriting Services page for an idea of what I can help with. I’ve recently written long and short fiction, biographies, poetry, personal letters, website pages, video game stories and scripts, and screenplays.

I don’t generally accept commissions for articles, CVs or product descriptions. Please do not contact me to write SEO articles or to rewrite existing material owned by other writers.

Can you format my e-book for self publishing?
I’m currently working with some authors on a trial run of an e-book formatting service, which will get your manuscript in shape for publication on Amazon (KDP) or Smashwords. If you would like help with formatting your ebook, please get in touch. The pricing structure will likely include a flat fee per document, plus a nominal additional fee per 1,000 words.

Can you give me some tips on how to get published / self publish?
There are websites and blogs online that will point you in the direction of reliable information from people working within the industry, such as publishers and literary agencies.

Do you do any translation, or give English lessons?
Although I am CELTA (TEFL) qualified, I don’t currently offer any English speaking lessons in person or via Skype. However, as a extension of my editing service, I can provide commentary on any grammatical errors in your document with tips and reasoning. I also accept commissions for the correction of poorly translated documents. Sadly my skills don’t stretch to a second language, so I’m unable to accept any translation work at this time.

Can you help me get onto / pass my TEFL course?
Aside from the ethical question of whether you should get outside assistance to pass your teaching course, it would be impractical for anyone to supply more than basic support. As a TEFL student you should be closely supported by your mentor, in whose best interest it is to help you qualify. However, if you don’t have the time for a simple proofread of an essay or presentation, I may be able to help.

Why are you called “The STP Literary Service”?
The business was founded in Apartment 195 City Lofts, in an area of Sheffield, England called St. Paul’s Square. In honour of those fateful months, I named my fledgling business “The St. Paul’s Literary Service”. Now it is simply “STP”. It is not a religious organisation, nor does it have any particular interest in religious publications.

What qualifications or experience do you have?
Check out the About page for details of my qualifications and experience, and also the Testimonials page for comments from happy clients.

Is your company legit?
Of course! I operate as a sole trader, which means you won’t find me on sites like Companies House, but I am legitimately registered with the HMRC for tax purposes and fully legal when it comes to how I operate, how I use your personal data, and how I pay my taxes in the UK.

How do you use my personal data? Do you have a privacy and/or cookies policy?
I take your privacy very seriously. I don’t share your personally identifiable information for any reason, and I don’t send you marketing emails. Full details are on my Privacy page, where you will see that I am GDPR 2018+ compliant. You may also be interested in my Cookies policy.

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