‘Half Discovered Wings’ – now available

Further to my last post, the new and improved ‘Half Discovered Wings’, is now available to buy from the Amazon store (here) and Smashwords (here)!

For those of you who missed my first traditionally-published novel in 2009, now’s your chance to read the definitive edition for only 99p – or FREE for a short time only if you get it from Smashwords!

It’s really important that I hear from everyone who opens the book, so please leave a review and get in touch via the Contact page with your thoughts!

Thanks again to everyone for their support, and happy reading!


David Brookes - Half Discovered Wings

It’s neither money nor morality that sends Joseph Gabel on his continent-wide pursuit,
but the death of his love, destroyed by a creature who evades his capture.

Hired by a mysterious magus, one of many supernaturally-powered
individuals known as errants, the hunter travels towards the city of Shianti, built inside a huge crater – a remnant of the war which destroyed the world as we know it,
and unleashed a darkness too terrifying to imagine.

With the magus, a sick amnesiac, a mutant and an armour-imprisoned knight,
Gabel travels to rid the world of an all-powerful evil,
before it takes what’s left of the dead planet and tears it to pieces…

This definitive version of ‘Half Discovered Wings’, with a new introduction by the author, is available in e-format for the first time.

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