New Release: ‘Half Discovered Wings’

Hello friends and fans,

In 2009 an early fantasy novel of mine, ‘Half Discovered Wings’, was accepted for publication. Eventually the rights reverted to me and I decided to re-release the book in 2015 as an ebook for Kindle and other e-readers. I’m now extremely happy to present a new and improved ‘Half Discovered Wings’, available to pre-order from the Amazon store (here) and Smashwords (here). The release date is 1st August as an early birthday present to myself!

Rather than blather on about it, I’ll include the new Introduction below, along with the blurb and final cover.

For those of you who missed my first traditionally-published novel in 2009, now’s your chance to pre-order the definitive edition for only 99p – or FREE for a short time only if you get it from Smashwords!

It’s really important that I hear from everyone who opens the book, so please leave a review and get in touch via the Contact page with your thoughts!

David Brookes - Half Discovered Wings

It’s neither money nor morality that sends Joseph Gabel on his continent-wide pursuit,
but the death of his love, destroyed by a creature who evades his capture.

Hired by a mysterious magus, one of many supernaturally-powered
individuals known as errants, the hunter travels towards the city of Shianti, built inside a huge crater – a remnant of the war which destroyed the world as we know it,
and unleashed a darkness too terrifying to imagine.

With the magus, a sick amnesiac, a mutant and an armour-imprisoned knight,
Gabel travels to rid the world of an all-powerful evil,
before it takes what’s left of the dead planet and tears it to pieces…

This definitive version of ‘Half Discovered Wings’, with a new introduction by the author, is available in e-format for the first time.

Introduction from the 2015 edition

‘Half Discovered Wings’ was many years in the making. I completed an early draft when I was 19 prior to undertaking a Bachelor of Arts in English and Writing at Bretton Hall University. It underwent numerous changes in the years since, including the title, characters and several major aspects of the plot. Although there are many traditional fantasy elements in HDW, later drafts attempted to make these as original as possible, within the confines of the novel’s world and the wider literary universe that I had just begun to create. HDW is a stand-alone novel, but fits into a vast timeline of interconnected stories that currently accounts for no less than 9 unpublished novels and at least 3 unwritten ones.

For this reason, it was a big deal for me to land a publishing deal in 2009 (9 years after completion) with a traditional publisher who put a previous version of HDW on the shelves. Sadly it was not a company strong in marketing prowess or publishing clout, and so the book had a few months of modest success before being largely ignored. A few copies of the paperback edition still exist in warehouses and libraries across the UK and US, and I’m occasionally thrilled to see another purchase order drop into my inbox even after all this time.

Many years later, long after the global economic downturn made publishing a distant dream for most unestablised writers, I decided to revisit my old world and characters. It happened not without a great deal of nostalgic love. I’m thrilled to now present what I consider to be the definitive edition of ‘Half Discovered Wings’, newly revised and enhanced, in e-book format for the first time.

There are several people to whom I owe great thanks. The first must always be my mother Diana Smallwood, for her constant love and support even after I’m way too old to be dependant on it. I should also thank my small circle of creative friends who, without knowing it, encouraged me to continue with writing even in midst of abject hoplessness: poet Matthew Hedley Stoppard, writer/lecturer Andrew Palmer, actor/comedians Canan Cahit and Philip Mason, writer Angelin Sydney and writer/teacher Sarah Cason, amongst others. A special thanks must go to Gabriella Kakonyi, who devoted more support for my “talent” in one year than I ever deserved. Thank you all.

For any editing, proofreading or ghostwriting work, please check out The St. Paul’s Literary Service at

A note on the cover

You might notice that the cover shown is not the one I’ve been blathering on about the last few weeks (here and here). Although I was thrilled by the commissioned design by talented artist Vasco Duarte, I wasn’t able to put together a convincing cover design that best represented the novel. In the end I designed my own simple cover in a style that I knew I could replicate should I decide to release the related novels I wrote between 2002 and 2011.

For fun, below are the alternate cover designs for ‘Half Discovered Wings’:

Half Discovered Wings - David Brookes - Mischa FulljamesAbove: Original cover by Mischa Fulljames
for the 2009 Libros International edition.

Half Discovered Wings - David Brookes - Vasco Duarte Above: Unused design by Vasco Duartes
for the 2015 re-release.

Half Discovered Wings - David Brookes - Vasco DuarteAbove: My weak attempt at turning Vasco’s great design
into a respectable book cover – unused.

David Brookes - Half Discovered Wings

Above: Final cover design by me, David Brookes,
for the definitive 2015 edition of ‘Half Discovered Wings’.

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